Senegalese Twist

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Senegalese Twist

Senegalese Twist | Layene African Hair Braiding - Dayton, OH

Elegance, simplicity, and natural beauty—this is the definition of Senegalese braids. This style has become increasingly popular among African American women because it combines the best attributes of African braiding while being significantly faster to braid.

Clients can try this style using different colors, lengths, and styles to create a funky new interpretation of this popular style. Layene African Hair Braiding has perfected the art of taking the Senegalese twist to new heights. Our creative team of hair stylists has envisioned a wide range of styles that our clients can choose from. They can also simply come with a celebrity-inspired idea and let us make it a reality.

Layene African Hair Braiding is one of the best African hair-styling salons in Dayton OH because we have dedicated years to mastering the art of managing ethnic hair. We understand the intricacies of our clients’ hair and know how to plait braids so that they can stay beautiful and presentable for a long time.

Whether a client wants a simple version of the Senegalese twist or wants to go all out with an exciting interpretation, there is no better group of hair stylists capable of making that vision a reality than Layene African Hair Braiding. We use only the finest hair pieces and products in order to make their new hair style really shine. And we offer all of our services at the most reasonable prices.

From the moment someone walks through our doors, they will be greeted with exceptional customer service and quality braiding services that suit every type of personality.

If you are ready to embrace the Senegalese twist, make sure to only trust an expert with a proven track record like the stylists at Layene African Hair Braiding. Contact us today.