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For the best African hair braids in Dayton, OH, come visit Layene African Hair Braiding today.

About Us

About Us | Layene African Hair Braiding - Dayton, OH

Women of African descent from all over the world intimately understand the struggles of taking care of ethnic hair. Everything from finding the right products to take care of their hair, to their daily beauty routine takes more effort because ethnic hair is considered more “niche” and is less catered for. For African American women who care about their appearance, there seems to be very little help to be found in the mainstream.

Layene African Hair Braiding was born out of this need. We not only understand the unique challenges that our clients face, we have also spent years mastering the art of managing ethnic hair in order to provide them with the best possible service.

The braiding services provided at Layene African Hair Braiding help to make our clients’ lives easier while simultaneously allowing them to feel more beautiful with their own natural hair.

We proudly say that we offer the best African hair braids in Dayton because we have worked exceptionally hard to make sure that this is true. If you are ready to embrace a new look or try one of our many trendy braids, simply call us today.